Presentation of the 1,2,3,GO contest

1. Imagine.. your business venture!

Do you have an innovative idea? 1,2,3 Go can help you to pursue it. Sign up for the programme on and submit your project. Your application will be examined according to four criteria: 

  • level of innovation of your project
  • economic feasibility
  • located in the Greater Region
  • no funding through risk capital


2. Work out... a convincing business plan!

Do you need some support? Take advantage of our network of over 400 experts to guide you. Enjoy free coaching from our entrepreneur experts who will help you to refine your business plan. Your business plan will be structured: 

  • with personalised advice
  • using the McKinsey method
  • to convince potential investors


3. Make... good contacts!

Do you want to grow your professional network? Take part in our interregional events.Interregional workshops, events and training courses are held throughout the programme in the various regions. You will meet interesting people and make good business contacts thanks to: 

  • speed coaching
  • training to draft your business plan
  • business plan booster
  • thematic workshops


Go: Set up... your business!

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Get started with the knowledge you’ll acquire. What’s more, the annual closing evening honours all the project initiators in the programme and rewards the best projects. You will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • financial support
  • visibility in the Greater Region
  • certificate confirming that the project was supported and evaluated by experts


The winners 2016



The different steps